2021 NaPoWriMo.net April 2 Scary Granny

2021 NaPoWriMo.net April 2.

Prompt: The Road not Taken

Scary Granny

There was a chance:
explore the jungle
in jeep and tent
in far-away tropical land

if only I’d dared do
a wilderness dance

among tigers blue orchids
pythons chimpanzees
let stranger turn friend

luscious tropical incertitude

right or wrong
winner takes all
stuck by contract
duty-bound returned
to ice-bound metropolis

could have sent telegram
pretexted excuse
explored uncharted terrain

when I said I’m
flying back he
gave me a scary
jungle granny

fletches teeth
holds baby
to wilted breast
left hand wards off evil
left leg raised high
delirious dance
mouth agape
sings or shouts

could have stayed
might have died
swallowed by a Komodo
might have fallen in love
never heard of again

instead turned into
farewell carved granny
hold life to wilted breast

won’t glance back
dance my song

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