Seeing Beauty with Words

Susan Tiberghien’s GWG workshop “Seeing Beauty with Words” created luminous imprints!

It took us on a journey through the words of a long list of poets and writers celebrating beauty, from the words of Plato and St. Augustine via Rumi, Blake and Rilke, to Annie Dillard, Simone Weil and James Baldwin, among others. To name only a few of the many-faceted powers of beauty revealed along the way:

Beauty arouses the senses and awakens the creative spirit; it brings together the visible and the invisible; it helps us discover our oneness; it is a manifestation of the eternal. Seeing beauty can lead to an “aesthetic illumination” (Thomas Merton) and to prompting soul to be “on deck, shining like gold in dark times” (Clarissa Pinkola Estes).

What a wonderful way to spend a glorious April day surrounded by so many visions of beauty, within and without! In Michael McCarthy’s words: “Butterflies entered my soul”.