My thumb is not dumb

Note to a friend who broke her wrist and thumb.

Sorry, dear haiku- friend, you’re suffering! And having to act out a left-hand-only life! Wishing you courage and patience!

There is, however, a bonus hidden inside this extravagant story (I read how it happened). Whenever there is a major impact/wound happening to any body part, it means it is being readied for a major upgrade.

Right hand: meaning: your action in the world is going to be more powerful, more (wrist) flexible, resilient, multifaceted (fabulous for an actress), and, since the right hand symbolizes the whole person, your active presence in the world is going to be stronger, allowing you to be all you are.

For me, understanding the meaning of what happens, lightens the load, things make sense, it’s part of my growth process that I’m after, and it allows me, during the healing process, to imagine and plan for that outcome of life expansion the universe is working on!

For my haiku pal:
My thumb is not dumb
Suffers to help me become
Soaring bird 🕊️ bright flame 🔥

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