2021 NaPoWriMo April 14 Johanna Vowels Worms Wings

Our (optional) prompt for the day. Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that delves into the meaning of your first or last name. Looking for inspiration? Take a look at this poem by Mark Wunderlich, appropriately titled “Wunderlich.”
Happy writing!


Vowels Worms Wings

A mouthful of a name
three powerful vowels
two beginnings
one end

which as always is
what’s it about

to wit:

for a sacred cause

or a centuries-old
by one of seven
wives of a mystifying

twisted twig
of the family tree

elsewhere tales of
innocence service heroism
fear yet invincible
faith in the invisible

solitary sieges
ahead of the times
necessarily doomed

leagues of meanings away
morphed into mainstream
sturdy pairs of pants

you figure it out
I haven’t

tried anonymous
tried to disown
negate at least truncate
three syllables down to one
means less to live up to

less to run away from
like lineage of
burnings at the stake
way to go
from witch to saint

a switch only
in the eye of the onlooker

though maybe you could unhook
maybe any time
from your name
throw off arcane burdens
spooky loads
leave legends to oblivion

settle into ordinariness
back with legware
a more intimate variant silken
preceded by ‘long’

see the symbolic link
to standing up and out
to striding

taking things in your stride
however heavy or ominous
make them common
wearable bearable
albeit barely able
yet so simple:

from worming dread of death
to winged delight in life
caterpillar to butterfly
via pupa chrysalis

three vowels
forget the omega
go for the double alpha:
For Real New Life

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