2021 NaPoWriMo April 11 Dear Pythia

2021 NaPoWriMo April 11

PROMPT: An Exchange of Letters

Dear Pythia,

One question
You are assailed by them
I pity you
A pithy job
Full of pitfalls
Hoping for pity

They try pry you open
With prayers
Beg, press with demands
Plead for a pleasing reply

Like a seashell’s song of waves
Swiftly points homeward
A squeezed Kalamata olive
Surrenders its soothing oil.

Yet you roar thunderbolts
Flash mayhem and murder
Ever foretell the frantic and fateful –
Wherefrom flows your knowing?

I pity you, prophetess,
Diviner of dead-end destinies.

* * *

* * *

Dear Knowing Unknown,

I thank you, nameless pilgrim,
You proffer a penitent’s prize,
Delve into unrevealed secrets
Held in a sooth-sayer ‘s heart.

A mere mortal, a temple-serf,
I ride the Dragon’s breath,
Exhale Its wisdom
Still aflame in my breast,
Its fiery odem wavers, envelopes,
Proclaims Its earth-grounded will.

I feel indeed fatigued from
The soot, the mounds of ashes,
The charred wicks of human lives,
Dithering, unaware, never listening, They flicker mere dashes and dots.

I must seek elsewhere,
Far from revengeful Gods’ wrath
Project a calm, compassionate divinity,
A mighty, mild-mannered goddess,
Envision a different path,

Foretell a new, different tale,
Where white geese,
The Temple’s guardians,
Fearless, soar unhindered,
Near to stars and moon,
Benevolent and bright.

Henceforth I’ll make up messages
Woven from love’s luminosity
Reinvent myself free, spread wide,
Rising above the turmoil:

A light-inspired wingfeather
on its I-choose-my-own-destiny flight.

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