From Inspiration to PublicationEditing for PoetsCarmen Bugan’s workshop on 12 March 2021 for GWG, Geneva Writers’ Group

Most enjoyable and educational!

It was fascinating to see once again that the secret of successful transmission of knowledge and passion happens via osmosis. How heartening to realize that it can also happen via Zoom!

It did in Carmen’s workshop, because she applied her recipe for writing poetry to her teaching: make the reader gut-feel, soul-sense, the emotion.

Her flaming commitment to capture the unsayable (das Unsagbare) came both joyously and goose-pimply alive. I for one deeply sensed it.

It’s experiences like this that help a writer and poet grow and expand.

Carmen teaches the power of poetry woven of words that dare to be vulnerable, out of place, break-away, to better encircle luminous silence.

A warm thank you also to Steven, Caroline and all the members of the GWG Steering Committee for their stamina and resilience in making magical events like this possible in difficult times.

* *. *

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