Mario Petrucci 16:Ways of Writing Workshop

This is to thank Liz Bouquet and Julianne di Nenna for making possible the extraordinary 16-Ways-of-Writing workshop held on 21 February 2021 by
Mario Petrucci.

It was astounding in it’s reach and depth, the multiplicity of aspects it laid out like scintillating jewels before us;
spanning distances from craft to grace, perspiration to inspiration, body to mystery, from verbal pickling to third mind to the unknowable, to name a few;
all offered with lighthearted spontaneity from deep knowingness, with professional perfection and rare authentic humanity…

An outstanding, unique, osmotic teaching experience bound to create a profound, indelible impact:
like a Monarch butterfly visiting the multiple chalices of a Milkweed flower.

And it all happened in a flash: months of knowledge and wisdom transmission compacted into a mere three unforgettable hours.

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