Triumph over Uncertainty!

From: Jo Christiane Ledakis <>
Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 11:34
Subject: Triumph over Uncertainty !
To: <>

Viruses and volatility — how uncertainty impacts on our health (Life & Arts, April 11) is a scary read. Referring to the Corona Virus, Coates fears that “there is now the very real possibility of a second wave of disease”.

A trader turned neuroscientist, he explains how the stress response to uncertainty affects risk-taking and warns that “Physiology-induced risk aversion can feed a bear market, morphing into a crash so dangerous that the state has to step in with asset purchases”.

Coates’ warning should be taken to heart. How? He directs us to “Put movement at the very core of what we are.” So also, meditation, creative endeavors, link us to our essence.

Together, we can envelop the world in a sense of certainty, achieve herd immunity. Hold the thought that all will be well!

Jo Christiane Ledakis

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