Under The Roof

NaPoWriMo DAY TWENTY-EIGHT 28 April 2020

Prompt: Poem to a bedroom


below slanted

wooden ceiling

loved to listen to rain

tap splatter drum

sat sideways on windowsill

arms slung round knees

silent wide-open view

slim country road

meadow below

changing angles

of sunbeams

tree shadows

floating clouds

all mine

uncovered secrets

old chest

in adjoining loft

letter to Grandma

told of Mom’s childhood

regimented stern

love to be earned

young girl’s thankyou

for parcel of cookies

exorbitant formal

wiped dust


from face

to make up like a lover

sent letters forever

from all over the world

no chance

the night Mom left

not with her

stuck in Iceland

struggling with names

languages idioms

trawling techniques

tiresome varieties of fish

dreamt of drowning

old chest also held


surely forbidden

books among cobwebs

Casanova’s memoirs



quietly put away

pulled out again

stirred sensations



first poems



on windowsill

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