The Lonely Cherry Tree

NaPoWriMo DAY TWENTY-SEVEN 27 April 2020


Tall slim cherry tree

stands among many

one in a crowd

wild like she

alder ash rowan beech

hazel bush at her knees

busy springtime

buds swell

first leaves sprout

slight haze of green

soft promising brown

wild cherry tree alone

stands veiled in white

bride’s dentelle

a zillion blossoms’

delicate embroidery

wind her lover

swiftly embraces

playfully ruffles her

branches waver

quiver yield

to wind’s caresses

blossoms tumble

from head

to hazel knees

down to daisies dandelions

in the grass happy above

her well-rooted toes

wind whirls petals

in every direction

scatters her gifts

tiny white dots

all around


she dreams of CentoValli

the secret valley where

untold many her kind

grow together

begs the wind

blow petal signals

that way

forlorn greeting


she sends out a flurry

of fragile blossoms


souvenir snowflakes

joyous exuberant

invade the surroundings

crochet a see-thru carpet

across the meadow


err onto verandas

through open windows

flutter into sleepy bedrooms

sail thru though salons

settle on lantern shades

swallow’s nests

a surprised poet’s laptop

rain came

wind blew hard

all of her finery

swept away


a zillion drops

dangling from branches

beech buds leaves of grass

sorrel buttercups


the blossoms

she’d lavished away

cherry tree’s

not lonely anymore

in the reflection

of her petal gifts

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