Language on Trial

24 January 2020

Here, at home, my husband and I decided to suspend, upend life, to be there at the Impeachment Trial. A historic event not to be missed. A unique moment for the power of the word to shine.

Excited, I checked around, surely all my writer friends must be glued to the screen.

Not so. Found a single post: “Reading about impeachment trial. At Ikea. Having meatballs.” Found no other comments.

But on that day there was a literary soirée I’d been invited to but could not attend because I was in a different country on that day. Belatedly, absorbed by the speeches before the Senate, profoundly moved and impressed by Adam Schiff, I replied to the host:

“As I write these lines, essays and poems are read, wine and champagne are savored in your splendid home, and life and art, in particular the art of writing,are joyously celebrated.

I am greatly disappointed that practical circumstances prevent me from being among you at this moment.

Yet, as always, there is a redeeming feature that adds its own important nuance. I am at this moment listening to the Trump impeachment trial speeches in the US Senate.

I believe there can be no greater occasion to demonstrate the power of the word and its essential mission to protect justice, freedom and every fundamental human value we cherish. This is a scintillating moment in a long, persistent struggle that you, too, have dedicated your life to.

In that spirit of celebration and appreciation,

warm greetings, xxx”

NOTE: It’s all over now. Cause lost. But spirit gained that in the end will triumph.





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