Off-the-charts bullish unicorn



8 April 2019

Anything more is of evil.”

Obsolete irrelevant slogan requiring updating

fresh makeover reinvention in line with our

integral devotion to the mission of constant self-

generation and demystification of monetization

the optimal hassle-free disintermediation guarantee

of the immediate immersive experiential experience

mobilizing the interactive optimization process

of the progressive extension of express

collective dream-fulfillment thru prized

cutting-edge interphase communicative

consumption via in situ alphanumeric support

gratification plus price amelioration chat with me

provided you’re no robot do this test your

password with unlimited self-assessment premium

privacy protection guarantees plus bonus

meditative overlap of long-term futures

maximization and mindfulness upturn thru

age-perfect leverage of innovative competency

hyper-unregulated refinancing touching base with

millennials navel-gazing overestimates of

ever advancing optimal subliminally secured

privacy goals and unlimited resource restructuring

do not miss this one-time-only prime ultimate chance

while our ongoing forward-looking all-encompassing

entitlement enhancement mission is for sale,

in favor of this singular off-the-charts bearish unicorn.


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