Groupies, a Dragonfly, a Present of a Cave, a Bikini Bottom: Poetry

24 July 2018 11.57 pm
Groupies, a Dragonfly, a Present of a Cave, a Bikini Bottom: Poetry

Loved call with quantum co-creation groupies; everyone reporting their latest synchronicities. Amazed I keep meeting up with my Qpals because it means being up at 3 a.m. for an hour to match their 6 pm California time. But it’s fun spending time with friends sharing all the good stuff that happens.

Intense day. Short meditation. Cock’s crow sounded different, triumphant.
A blue dragonfly shared clothes line with green-striped undershorts;
kept company till shirts, socks, bra, kitchen-towel with Serrano hambone all fluttered, duly lined up.
Dragonfly lifted off, hovered, inspected line, eyed me, veered away.

Newly acquired philosopher friend sent a WhatsApp message about Son Goong, a glorious natural wonder in Vietnam:
Largest cave in the world, tall like a forty-story skyscraper; holds a jungle inside, fantastic rock walls, a sandy beach, a turquoise lake; to walk it would take you a week. Seeing the photos, the pristine canopies, the misty expanse, a human like an ant on a rock before a vast panorama took my breath away. Wanted to look at it again, go on describing – phone’s smart command: Connect charger! Over!

This evening the waves were bigger, washed over me a few times, nearly swiped my pimento-red slightly loose bikini bottom, managed to haul it back up again from my thighs.
While reading aloud articles in the weekend FT to Hub laughed out loud a few times – such delicious finds of fitting, funny expressions! Freshly minted word-coins. Cutting-edge literary journalism.
Poetry is back in the air. Revisited poems and started to edit first on my list: Wisteria.
May dedicate more time to editing rather than blogging.

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