Swimming While Programming My Energy

19 July 2018 5.27 p.m.
Swimming while programming my energy

The cock is crowing! And I’m happy! Its insistent lament did its job. It awakened the memory of a technique I learnt many years ago. Unbelievable, the stuff I studied and forgot! It came back to me this morning while swimming in the Mediterranean. It took a bunch of strokes to remember it all, but then there it was: how to use my mind to say hello to my body and inNerview it about how together we can function ideally.
In a nutshell, it’s about my thoughts imprinting my energy.
I went through the chakras, top to bottom. My (sui generis, haha) classification of my body’s energy system came up like this:
Crown chakra, third eye, throat chakra, arms (shoulder/elbows/hands chakras taken together), heart, solar plexus, hara, sacral chakra, base, thighs, knees, ankles, feet.
I took plenty of time to meditate, went through each of those body parts/chakras and asked each what ideal quality/property/energy would best fit its function in life. One by one, the replies came in.

As a list of possible choices, I’d come up with this:
crown: light, consciousness, inspiration
eyes: vision, clarity, ideal
throat: wisdom, clear speech, expression
arms: beauty, order, creativity, action
heart: love, caring, compassion, peace, surrender
solar plexus: joy, feeling sure, radiating out
hara: vitality, safety, life, centering
sacral: trust, confidence, surrender
base: grounding, creativity
thighs: strength, progress, elan
knees: authority, flexibility, compassion
ankles: guidance, orientation
feet: movement, freedom, choice

From this my personal compilation, I chose one quality for each chakra/body part and tested whether it felt right. I’ll maybe rearrange /switch properties, since several fit in several places, or pick new ones if they show up during meditation.
Then came the practical exercise, the real fun that I’m so excited to rediscover:
I waded into the gently rippling, turquoise, deliciously warm Mediterranean and swam. And while swimming, I programmed what I’d chosen, up and down my body, down and up, again and again, holding the words and images in my mind, loving, feeling their energy, even speaking the words out aloud into the waves , all the while swimming or doing dance steps in that luxurious watery realm.
It was fun! And I believe it helps me anchor myself better in who I am and want to be. Belief is just a thought I keep thinking.

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