Cobalt Blue

17 July 2018, 1.15 pm
Something strange happened yesterday. Remember the asthmatic wind blowing stems from the carob tree? Not a weather for swimming, but we went down to the beach anyway to have lunch and enjoy looking at the waves. But, surprise, the sea was smooth and translucent like on no previous day, even tiny fish darting about were visible. I changed, dove in and swam my usual twenty minutes or so. After a while, tiny ripples appeared on the smooth watery glass, like on windows rendered opaque so you can’t see what’s beyond, my arms sliced thru riffled grey-green. A moment later, as I turned to swim in the opposite direction, against the sun, I was struggling in a gleaming, glistening, ready-to-boil-over cauldron. I got out and looking back watched white crests hurtle across cobalt blue.
Lunch offered a fascinating menu of body language.

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