New Moon Fresh Start

14 July 2018
Epiphany is when the penny drops.
The cock crowed again this morning, its hoarse, slightly off-key, plaintive call.
The meaning of the cock crowing is culturally ingrained in me, in the back of the throat, under the tip of the tongue: the taste changes into something acrid, sharp, metallic: the dropping penny!

You like to write, wanted to do a blog. Do it. Now.

I got goose pimples when I first heard the cock’s call. “Stay awake with me!” Jesus had entreated his disciples: from betrayal due to fear to daring to be true to who you are. Stay awake! Conscious. The unending request.

Wasn’t as easy for Peter and the other guys as it is now for us. They didn’t know about frequencies or Quantum mechanics. I can google anything what I want to find out about. I understand better day by day how mind and emotions work. To wake up means getting out of my habits. Intend, picture, feel who and how I want to be.
Watch my heartfelt imaginings manifest in myself and in the people and events around me. And realize that yes, I did that.

Such as yesterday.
On the night of the New Moon I’d wished my days to be golden.
Gold for light and love and consciousness. Buddhists see it that way, that’s why they slapped gold in fat layers on the outside of their pagoda roofs under the tropical rain and shine. Christian tradition displayed its wealth inside a church: the gold to be awakened within. Now mainly. for us,gold lives on in a ring around a finger, conventional, demonstrative symbol of a wilting vow of loyalty, or in a bank account. The gold standard? We gave that up long ago.

And my penny?
It’s copper. Good conductive material. Conducive to making me realize I have to keep the electric current of writing going. Or the gold of the day as planned. But planned are not precise events, only happy thoughts and feeling.

Yesterday everything worked like musical clockwork. Neighbor came to water the orchard. The relief of water rippling across the field, the fragrance of wet earth, lemon trees looking brighter, lemons fuller, leaves a shinier green, bougainvillea glowing deeper red. Flock of starlings flying in to settle on trees and bushes.

About to drive off to the next town, neighbor said: don’t go, no parking, not even stopping will be easy. Hub and I went anyway, found a spot right across from the shoemaker. I love cobblers. I even dedicated a poem to one. I should write a poem for Pepe. “Hola, Cristina!” said his wife, Maria de la Concepcion, Conchi for short, who hadn’t seen me in over six months. “Almost didn’t recognize you under your cap and in a sleeveless dress. Last time you were wearing a parka!”
New soles and heels for beloved Italian shoes. And the key for our faithful old Ibiza to be reprogrammed so it’ll click the doors open and closed again, which it had stopped doing.

Conchi, a handsome, majestic woman, exudes warmth and joy. Asked about her two sons, she pulls out her phone to show off the latest photo of her heroes at school and university. “We went up to the top of the hill this morning, to watch the sunrise, but it was foggy!” She laughs,shares her happiness and pride with such ease and joy. The elder son studies electronic engineering plus filmmaking and came out top of both classes. He’s done the video that plays at the back of the shop: expertly advertising all the technical and mechanical operations his Dad has on offer. There’s a shrieking, metal-cutting sound that cuts through my teeth in the midst of this professional, multicolored movie on Dad’s multiple services – it will shock clients into action.
He started out as a shepherd tending a flock of sheep, Pepe tells me as he goes about carefully dismantling the clicker, for the moment tries to pry it open, adjusting his glasses, trying this way and that, each clicker is assembled differently, he says. Unending trials and errors. One failed attempt after another. Determined persistence. Resilience. Always looking for a new angle and finding it.
“Each time you try a new way of figuring this gadget out,” I tell him, “the neurons in your brain make new connections.” “I do this all the time,” he says. “That’s why your sons are doing brilliantly,” I offer.

Battling with problems and solving them is another way of staying awake and sharpening consciousness: growing more gold inside.

Thank you to Dr. Joe Dispenza, I’m learning more about the one subject that fascinates me more than any other: How we function. And how we can funcion happily, healthily and creatively.
Thank you to the internet. I love being alive at this amazing time.

Penny reminds me: make the most of it. Share your discoveries.

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