Sunshine for Every Mouse

On April 22, 2018
Happy fourth Sunday of Na/GloPoWriMo, all.

Our craft resource for the day is a series of reflections by Wesley McNair on “indirect entry” into a poem. McNair writes of inviting mystery and uncertainty into our poems, both with respect to the writing process and the finished work.

And now for our daily prompt (optional as always). I’ve found this one rather useful in trying to ‘surprise’ myself into writing something I wouldn’t have come up with otherwise. Today, I’d like you to take one of the following statements of something impossible, and then write a poem in which the impossible thing happens:

The sun can’t rise in the west.
A circle can’t have corners.
Pigs can’t fly.
The clock can’t strike thirteen.
The stars cannot rearrange themselves in the sky.
A mouse can’t eat an elephant.
Happy writing!

Sunshine for Every Mouse


The sun rises when I awake.
When I awake the sun rises.
North, south, east, west
Don’t matter.
I decide:
Sleep or be awake.


Circle is a circle is a circle;
it always allows to cut corners.
Corners are edgy and dumb,
coarse, they know
no better. Just circle around.
Stupid ignorant pegs.

12 or 13?

It’s midnight.
Ultimate deadline.
Who cares about what time it is.
Stop the clock.
Continue on.

The Stars?

stars rearrange themselves
every day
you choose
when to be born
from another galaxy
who you want to be
choose one star
or another
Venus, say, or Jupiter, or Mars
make love or war
as you intend
they’ll rearrange themselves
love is a good

Mouse & Elephant

Mouse can easily eat elephant
from the inside out
make him feel small: gnaw at his liver
powerless: munch on his balls.

It’s never size that does it.
Only focus. And intent.

Mouse can if it chooses
make elephant roar
flap his big ears with delight:
take a friendly nibble at his tail end
share his Baobab lunch.

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