On April 9, 2018
Happy second Monday of Na/GloPoWriMo, everyone. Grab your coffee and your pencils/keyboards, and let’s start writing!

And now, without further ado, our (optional) prompt for the day. In his interview, Smith mentions “ants roll{ing} epic” – a rather charming image! In honor of it, we challenge you today to write a poem in which something big and something small come together. Happy writing!


midmorning kitchen
something’s ticking somewhere
no clock
off and on
listen ticking sound
gone again

wait awhile what? where?
nothing now never mind
must do shopping can’t wait

one evening ticking oh, forgot
just some little noise likely imagined
not now forget it need sleep

a week’s holiday away

back home ticking noise alright!
first open up house air out unpack
settle in unsettling noise no more
months go by

Liz visits glass of Chianti
hey, Jo you’ve got something ticking in here
some time bomb?
glass-in-hand jumps up stalks kitchen sniffs
nostrils wide head inclined ears alert

shouts triumphant here!
pale yellow pinprick holes
far end corner kitchen cupboard
minute yellow mounds mark floor

poison spray won’t stop it
venom tincture doesn’t cure
expert advice brutal must
take out cupboard fast
burn it

ticking? mating signals during season
woodworm metamorphs grows wings
will colonize your kitchen kingdom
take over whole house

cupboard covers kitchen wall
holds shelves drawers layers stacks
pots pans plates cups glasses racks
spices jams cookie jar pumpkin preserves
reserve bar every utensil needed

to a worm’s potential wings?

Once there was a thing of wood
legendary man-made
a small door in a big place
saw it one afternoon
through a tour-bus window
listening to an Istanbul guide

that door fleetingly seen
barely man’s height
wooden planks rough hinges handle
that door small single rather its predecessor
centuries past in vast fortified city wall

that door
left unlocked

changed history
opened Ottoman floodgate
caused fall of Constantinople
ended Byzantine empire

one small door untended
ended upended
one power culture religion
ushered in another

one wormhole
flipped worlds

through it crawled
wake-up call
made its way to Europe
my kitchen cupboard

now emptied taken away
to be burnt

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